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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ilocos: Baluarte

The Baluarte is also known the zoo owned by Chavit Singson.  This zoo sits on top of a 80-hectare land on top of hills and mountains.  There are still on-going construction around the different areas but what it currently has is already magnificent.  It is just a 10-minute drive from Vigan City.

When I heard that Baluarte was one of the places we were going to visit in our tour, I thought it was some kind of a forest with a lot of trees.  But obviously I didn't have any idea.  When we arrived at the place, I was surprised to see a lot of animals.  It was a zoo!  A zoo that was way too better than that of Manila Zoo.  The animals they showcased were ones that you will not find anywhere else in the Philippines.  And they sure were fed and cared properly.  Can't help to compare with Manila Zoo, but Baluarte is sure funded very well for its maintenance and well being.

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