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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bohol: Danao Adventure Park

If you're looking for adventure that's eco friendly, then it's time you visit Danao Extreme Adventure Tours. Located at Barangay Magtangtang, 72 km away (or around 2 hour-drive by van) from Tagbilaran City .

What started as a vision from the local government of Danao as a possible tourist destination, is now a full-fledged adventure park offering a variety of activities such as zip lining, rappelling, kayaking, spelunking/caving, cable car, and bungee jumping.

The Sky Ride, as they call it in Danao, is similar to the usual cable car, except that it is not enclosed. You will feel the breeze outside. Just hope it's not too strong to rock the cart, or it will be scary to look down at the forest below.

Getting off the starting point of the Sky Ride

View from the starting point of the Sky Ride

Another enjoyable ride is the Suislide. This is their version of the zipling. You will be suspended in mid-air over an elevation of more than 200 meters, and below you can enjoy an aerial view of the Wahig River. (If you're not too scared to look down that is.) This line should be taken twice in order to get back. Another line is being constructed that will cut across the cliffs of Danao. This line is going to be 550 meters long and more than a thousand meters above the forests and caves so that is something to watch out for.

Helmets are required to be worn for safety and a lot of cables are locked to the harness. A brake is available in the end of the line, where the guide will use when you are close to the end. The Suislide costs 350 pesos per head.
Banner of the Suislide

Shot of the actual suislide ride and reaching the end point

A ride that we didn't have the guts to try was the Plunge, similar to bungee jumping. Just by looking from the jump-off zone, only people who are really looking for the thrill of their lives would try it. We never saw how safety straps were secured to the jumpers, but it looks safe, judging by the other people took the plunge.

The Plunge costs 700 pesos per head.

Banner of the Plunge

Jump-off point of the Plunge
Next time you're in Bohol, aside from the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers, try visiting Danao adventure park.


Anonymous said...

im from cebu can i get there? wat to experience bungee jumping...

Leave the Cube said...

in our trip, we hired a driver+van that brought is there. it was a long trip because Danao is located in the far end. I'm not sure what other transport options can be used to get there

Ondo said...

I am from Inabanga Bohol and I always say that Danao Adventure park is very nice place. You will really enjoy there.. And you will miss half of you life if you will not try to visit there…

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