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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tagaytay: Bag of Beans

We have been going to Tagaytay a lot of times and have been eating in different restaurants. With the number of restaurants to choose from, there were some that we overlooked. But during this visit in Tagaytay, we decided to try dining in Bag of Beans.

The name of the restaurant sounds like it's a coffee place, but it is more than what it seems. The place inside is big - separated into 2 parts. They have an area that is covered and air-conditioned, then another is out in the open with a fresh feeling having trees on the side.

We went there during late lunch to avoid a lot of people and we chose to sit in the open area. We think it was the right choice to have more fresh air and enjoy the beautiful ambiance. The space outside was big and able to accomodate an estimated of 8 tables or around 35-40 people. They also had a separate cooking area in a hut-like place.

Bag of Beans Cooking Area

They had a different food choices, ranging from breakfast meals, pancakes, pasta dishes, main courses, of the grill, breads, pies, and desserts. We tried their lasagna and seafood pasta.


Their lasagna had a good taste, but it was too dry, making it hard to eat. The price was affordable. Overall, it was just fine, nothing special.

Seafood Pasta

The seafood pasta had a creamy taste and better than the lasagna. It was perfectly cooked and worth ordering again. The serving was just right in size. The price of this was a little more pricey but still affordable because it was good. This is recommended to be tried when you visit Bag of Beans.

To complement the food, we ordered a fresh dalandan juice. Just like other fresh dalandan juices, it had the right sweetness.

Fresh Dalandan Juice

Bag of Beans is not special, but not bad as well. This is worth trying and can also be visited from time to time. But not the type that is to be craved for.

Bag of Beans

3650 Aguinaldo Highway
Mendez Crossing West,
Tagaytay City
(046) 413-2724


lakwatsera de Primera said...

The place looks nice though, I wouldn't mind having coffee here. I guess the ambiance that is uniquely Tagaytay will make it extra special :)

Ed said...

I'd definitely choose to dine in Tagaytay's fresh open air than go inside.
Place looks really great. I think we passed by this restaurant one time pero budget kami nun so di pa pwede. hehe

Leave the Cube said...

@lakwatsera: for the place, it's two thumbs up. the feel of the place is really good, especially when with the cool weather.

@ed: try mo minsan. worth trying nman sya

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I sooo miss their pies!

Leave the Cube said...

@pinay travel junkie: sayang we weren't able to try their pies. di kc nman alam na masarap pala. noted yan. next time susubukan namin yan. thanks

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