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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Singapore: Universal Studios

It's every kid's dream to go to Universal Studios and feel what it's like to have their favorite cartoon characters come to life.  But nowadays, even adults would want to reminisce their childhood days, which leads us to our visit in Singapore Universal Studios.

The opening time of Universal Studios is 10:00am, but we arrived there at 9:30am to have time to take some pictures in the area.  We didn't buy tickets anymore because our friend already got us tickets from the Cebu Pacific office in Singapore at a cheaper price.  The normal rate is SGD 66.00, but our friend got it for only SGD 63.00.

While spending the time outside, we wanted to have a picture with the famous Universal Studios Globe, but unfortunately at that time, it was being repaired, so we just had it on the tarpoline version of it.

Another much visited store outside was the Hersheys shop.  It had human size chocolates for picture taking and lots of different chocolates for sale.  This is a must for all chocolate lovers.

There were also some candy stores outside, like Candylicious, which had very attracting designs.

It took us an hour to finish taking photos outside and quickly surrendered our entrance tickets to start the fun.  Just by seeing the map, it was obvious that the USS in Singapore was smaller that the one in Japan, but there was still a lot to look for especially that it was our first time to go to the Singapore branch.

Photos! anyone? 

To be able to see all the attractions, we just followed the map and went around the whole place.  But there were times that we had to make detours to catch up with the shows.  Here are the different themes and attractions inside.

The Mummy Returns

Pathway to The Mummy Returns area

Anubite Warriors carrying Egyptian stones

Beetle Juice

The Beetle Juice mansion


I loved watching the Shrek movies and was amazed to see the castle and Shrek's home in person.  Inside the Shrek land, we watched the Shrek 4D film.  As most of us know, 4D is 3D + having actual feel of the environment, like a breeze when a wind is blowing, sprinkles of water when there's someone in the film that is spitting or throwing water, and a feel of hotness when there's heat in the film.

Shrek's Castle in the Land Far Far Away

Entrance gates to Far Far Away

Shrek's Home in the Woods

Water World

A bit of caution if you don't want to get wet when you watch Water World... don't to the lower seats because the performers will really spray lots of water on you.  The benches are color-coded and upon entering the show venue, you will see a note on what colors will get wet.

In our way going inside the show area, we had a hard time because there were a lot of people lining up and excited to enter.  Actually, the people were not lining up anymore because there was no line to follow.  It was just like a big space where everyone who wants to watch the show will just follow.  Imagine a funnel - having a big space then slowly goes small as we near the entrance gate.

Below are some of the scenes from the show.


Human vs. Cylone

There were a lot of different rides inside Universal Studios, but we just took photo of this Human vs. Cylone of Battlestar Galactica.  This seemed like one of their famous rides.  You can choose whether to ride as a Human or a Cylone.

If you choose to be human, you will be passing the blue-colored rails, which doesn't have any inverted loops.  The ride will be sitted down, like a ordinary roller coaster.  But if you decide to ride as a Cylone, then this is the more scary one.  You will be passing the red-colored rails,which will pass inverted loops.  You will still be sitted down in the ride but there will be no platform where you can put your feet.  So your feet will be out there in the air.

Inside the whole Universal Studios, we saw a lot of mascots, like Beetle Juice, Madagascar characters, Manilyn Monroe, and many others.  There were also a lot of souvenir shops where you will see very cute products with different themes.


Chyng said...

that's what i missed, waterworld. sayang talaga.
but then i enjoyed the mummy, very unexpected ang turns!
at masakit sa leeg ang galactica! walang support sa neck..

June Osida Benitez said...

WOW..all are reall an attracrions..i really like the Hershey Building..

Leave the Cube said...

@Chyng: We enjoyed The mummy ride also :). it was good and not very scary even on the 1st try.

@June: I guess you're a chocolate lover :) You should visit that sometime.

Henry said...

there a universal studio in SG pala. Try to visit universal studio japan, they have lots of interesting stuffs there.

Leave the Cube said...

@Henry: yup, i think it opened last year. I have gone to Japan USS before. It is bigger than the one in SG and more attractions

Thirdy Lopez said...

Walang Jurassic Park?

Thirdy Lopez said...

IMO, mas scary yung human kaysa sa cyclone... Ang sharp ng turns ng human parang ihuhulog ka sa upuan sa bilis... Sa cyclone para kang lumilipad. We might ride that one twice if the line wasn't long and we may be missing the Waterworld show...

Leave the Cube said...

@Thirdy: di na namin nakunan ng picture un Jurassic Park e... sayang =(

frugalexpat said...

We were in SG last year. It was great. I enjoyed the cable ride :-).

But it is a very expensive city. :-)

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