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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Northern Luzon Lighthouse Tour

Here are some trivia on lighthouses...

What is the tallest lighthouse in the U.S.A.? Cape Hatteras (191 feet)
What is the oldest U.S. lighthouse in service? Sandy Hook in New Jersey
What is the most expensive lighthouse? St. George Reef in California

Enough of the trivia... Let us now focus on the lighthouses that can be found in our homeland - the Philippines!

The Philippines has its own collection of lighthouses that were built since the 19th century. You too may discover them and see them for yourselves.

Faro de Cabo EngaƱo, Palaui Island, Cagayan

This October, you will have the chance to experience them in your very own eyes.  You can join the tour being hosted Illuminati Tours called the "Northern Luzon Lighthouse Tour".  Meet other enthusiasts in this 4-day and 4-nights getaway.

For more information like complete itinerary and package, you can check the details in this website:


Dee Quixotic said...

i included this in my wishlist

Leave the Cube said...

you can try joining this tour. the tour guide here is my friend. check out the details in the link. hope you can come =)

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