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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Palawan: Coron Village Lodge

Coron Village Lodge is a quaint and rustic place to stay in Coron Town. This specialty lodging is definitely not a luxury resort,  but the homey feel and native decor lends a charm to Coron Village Lodge that makes it special all on its own. 

 *Picture from Coron Village website 

The member's lounge/dining area has a bit of an indie-artsy feel with the owner's collection of Bob Marley posters and various souvenirs from all over the world.  It's a nice place to hang out with friends since the breakfast and buffet dinner included in our stay was served here. And did I mention this place is equipped with free wi-fi? A bit of fair warning though - ask the server to restart the router if the wi-fi is acting up (which it does fairly often) and also to arrive early during the dinner time because based on experience, the food runs out if you arrive late!

Cute idea for a kind of native chandelier, noh? Cheaper too!

The very well-travelled owner of CVL has an awesome collection of souveniers from all over! Russian dolls, thimbles, porcelain bells, ceramic plates, shot glasses - name a souvenir, it can probably be found at this place. 

At night, the dining area becomes turns into bar of sorts. Would suggest to stick to the local beers or bottled liquor. Or maybe this is just me not liking cocktails.

Aside from the dining area, there's small patio area on the side of the reception where guests can also congregate and dine. My friends and I were unable to venture to this place because of our common fear of mosquitoes. 

The rooms are just across the street from the reception and dining area of CVL. There's a courtyard outside of the rooms which makes it a nice place to stay after a day of island hopping, the tree lights during the night time are a nice touch too. As for the rooms, well - they were clean enough although it showed some wear and tear already. This is to be expected since this place is a lodge, not a hotel. All the necessities were provided - clean bed, air-con, towels, soap, shower (which sometimes had hot water). A good idea they had was they provided a drying area with hangers where we could hang our wet clothes and swimwear after going to the beach.

Overall, Coron Village Lodge is well, in a word - nice (with all the positive and negative connotations this word contains).  It offers good value for money and I would suggest this place to traveler friends who are looking for an affordable place to stay while going island hopping around the Coron island.

Oh and to those visiting this place - it would be better to bring your own snorkeling gear or be prepared to pay the hefty rental fee of P150/per day. I do hope they change this price because it is very expensive.

Watch out for our next entries on the beautiful, breath-taking  island of Coron!

Coron Village Lodge

For reservations and inquiries:

Tel. Nos. : (632) 805-3414 / 801-0623
Fax No. : (632) 805-5965
E-mail Add.:

Mobile No.: 0928-2020819, 0916-4200252
x No. : (632) 805-5965


plypox said...

Wow, that's a really comfortable place. Give's me a good heads up on the places to stay when i would go on vacation.

Oh and thanks for the details on you post. Really informative.

June | iXplore said...

wow! ganda! ang ganda ng facade. tas ng interiors..parang bahay yet sophisticated sa labas.

Pam said...

thanks for the positive comments plypox and june! :)

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