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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kota Kinabalu: Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden

Kinabalu Park is Malaysia's first UNESCO heritage site because of its sprawling mountains and diverse biological species. Part of Kinabalu park is the Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Gardens which is home to some fairly interesting plant types.

Mt. Kinabalu is a famous site for mountain climbers, it takes more than 3 days for climbers to be able to conquer the mountain! There are many streams in the park because of the sloping landscape. If only they were bigger than maybe there could have been a place for white water rafting!

There are many attractions in Kinabalu Park, but we only got to go to the Canopy Walk and the Botanical Garden. The canopy walk was not that high up in the trees and not a long walk, so for those seeking the thrill of adventure, this might not be for you. ;)

The botanical garden is a haven for those who are into macro pictures of plants (like me!).  It had just rained so you can also see the tiny droplets of rain on the plants. 

There were soooo many plant species with scientific names that I kind of forgot all of them. ^^

This is what we were doing the whole time our guide was touring us inside the garden... taking pictures!

This is the world's smallest orchid, only half a centimeter in size! I had to really zoom in to get the details... looks like a little yellow rabbit with pink sunglasses right?

It's too bad that we didn't get to see the Rafflesia which is the world's biggest flower.If you have time, search it on Google, it kind of reminds me of five tongues put together.

Hello from the gang at Kinabalu Park! :D
 It was a quick tour to enjoy the many biological species that can be found in Kota Kinabalu! 


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I really enjoyed the canopy walk and the butterfly garden!

umei said...

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Leave the Cube said...

@Pinay Travel Junkie: the canopy walk was good. We are looking forward to visit other canopy walks in other places.

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