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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Batangas: Club Balai Isabel

Okay, let's be honest here - I only know about Club Balai Isabel because this was the place where Juday and Ryan Agoncillo got married (baduy na kung baduy!). Since these two famous celebrities decided to tie the knot at Balai Isabel, I figured that this resort must be something special.


It's not hard to find Balai Isabel along Talisay road, just keep asking the local in the area and they'll point you to the right direction! Entering Club Balai Isabel is like entering an exclusive subdivision, there's a guard at entrance and then you are greeted with rows of cute, yellow houses. There are a variety of places to stay here - from stand alone houses to units in mid-level condominium units. 

We stayed at the Lakefront Suite which had a fantastic view of Taal Lake. Just a few steps from the room and its there right in front of us! 

From the terrace of the Lakefront suite, one can just savor the view of Taal and being outdoors. Honestly, just the wonderful room with a view - was enough to satisfy me for the whole trip. 

But for others who would rather do something than lay around all day, there are a few activities that can be done here.

One of them is to take the different spa options. There are 2 places where one can go for a massage and of these is the butterfly sanctuary where one can get a relaxing foot and back massage while seeing butterflies. 

Then there are places to eat within the compound, there are just three places to eat and not much diversity in the food choices, but otherwise the food is okay - nothing fancy, just hearty home-cooked meals. The restaurants inside Balai Isabel can be found beside the different pool areas, perfect for eating and swimming!

Inside Balai Isabel, there are two huge swimming pools. This is one of the bigger pools. I know Pinoys love swimming so this swimming pool would be great for bonding time. 

This is the second pool which is smaller than the first one, but it makes up for its size with a slide. Kids can go swim while the grown ups can enjoy a meal by the poolside. Because of the pools, there was no one swimming by the lake when we went there. I'm not sure if the lake is swim-able. 

Free buffet breakfast included with our accommodation. The food was normal Filipino breakfast fare, but the eating breakfast by the pool was such a nice experience. And the barako coffee was good too!

Sadly, the only place with free wi-fi is the reception area, there is no available wi-fi in the rooms/pool areas.

So many places to see, so little time. There are also watersport activities which one can go to like kayaking or riding a paddle boat at the lake. We were planning to go kayaking... but got lazy! Also, these activties are only open until 5PM.

Ahhh Club Balai Isabel... you are such a sweet escape from city life. The best part is we got to stay here for a steal! (Thank you, deal sites!) 

Club Balai Isabel
Barangay Banga,Talisay, Batangas
(02) 897 0229
(02) 393 8337


TJ said...

Want to go there next year.
May I know the rate? I was thinking if this could be a good place also for team building.

Pam said...

Hi TJ! You can check out the rates at balai isabel website - For team building, would suggest that you guys go for the stand-alone houses that are available. :)

Makati Apartments said...

Nice place to vacation with your family

Leave the Cube said...

@Makati Apartments: yes, definitely a nice place to spend time with

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