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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cambodia: Angkor Wat

A very stunning view! Used to be the 2nd wonder of the world.We woke up 4:30 in the morning just to catch the sunrise in Angkor Wat. The sunrise wasn't that good, but it was still worth the wait

Afternoon view of Angkor Wat from the back side, reflecting its image on the moat surrounding it. Astonishing creation by the people from ancient period. Having very defined carvings all over.
The green part on the right side is one of the small part that is under restoration.


yen said...

waahhh!!! ang ganda!!!

SPAM said...

yes, very beautiful indeed. next time you're invited to join us in our trip

melvin said...

ganda talaga ng angkor wat pero panira ang green na picture ko rin may green na net...aaaarrgh!

Pam said...

oo nga! kelan ba matatapos yung re-construction ng angkor wat para makakuha na tayo ng pic na walang green net. :))

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