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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Taste of Persia

A new Mid-east resto has opened in Jupiter street, Makati. Most of the people that were eating during the time were mostly foreigners. Prices ranged from 120-350 pesos for main courses, depending on what you order.

Stan says: The place was not that big but the ambiance was good. The food we ordered was just okay, but not that good when compared to other Persian restaurants. As for the prices of the food, there were cheap ones that cost around 120-200 pesos per dish, and there were also more higher ones that reached to 350 pesos. Overall, Mana-ish was just good enough for someone that is hungry.

Pam says: I'll be honest and say upfront that I was the one who suggested Mana-ish, after passing by this resto on the way to the office every morning. I was pleasantly surprised with the interiors of the place as I expected something more low-key.

A number of gathered shishas that produces flavored tobacco smoke.

Pam says: Yeah, I would've liked to try the shishas but due various to hygienic reasons, didn't push through with it.

Pizza topped with ground beef, special spices, and mozarella cheese. Called Soujok.

Stan says: Taste was simple a thin pizza crust with beef and cheese on top. This one was nice. I liked it.

Pam says: This one was something different. Didn't know they served pizza-like food in the Middle East. Thumbs up from me for the Soujok.

Eggplant Fatteh... this one was like a mix everything in one dish kind of course. Having chickpeas, ground beef, toasted pita, vermicelli rice, eggplant, buttered cashew nuts, and tahini sauce.

Stan says: So many ingredients in one dish... It was a little spicy, but tolerable for people who don't like spicy food, like me. Didn't like so much.

Pam says: Was it spicy? I didn't find the Eggplant Fatteh spicy at all. I really enjoyed this in fact. I felt like I was eating something authentically Middle Eastern. Good value also for the price, around P260 and the serving is good for 2. Oh and I want to point out another entry in the menu that we didn't get to try but the name is just too funny to not mention - Fool and Fatteh. Now I don't know what exactly that is but wouldn't it be interesting to be able to say that you've eaten a fool and a fatty? ;p

For someone looking for authentic Middle eastern cuisine, this is the place you're looking for.


Pam said...

tamang tama. eat here after watching Prince of Persia! wahahaha ^^

Anonymous said...

masarap ba ung Yoghurt shake nila?

Gimikero Dot Com said...

na try nyo ba shawarma ?
or any Kebab meal ?

Stan said...

@Gimikero Dot Com:
hndi na ni-try un shawarma or kebab kc yun na yun usual na nakakain namin sa ibang persian places. We decided to order dishes that we haven;t tried before.

Next time pag masubukas namin, post din namin dito

Pam said...

@Anonymous, yung yogurt shake nila, yogurt shake lang talaga. walang halo so medyo mapait.

icesnake said...

mapait ba ang yogurt? di ba maasim ang yogurt?

icesnake said...

bakit dalawang dish ung nasa picture? 2 talaga? di ba dragon fruite ung color red katabi ng eggplant hehe.

SmallAlice said...

Do they serve Lechon Macau? :D

Stan said...

@icesnake: un isa hndi dish un, free lang un kasama ng orders nmin. Red pickles sya, pero hndi nmin sinubukan kc ayaw nmin un itsura nya. hehe.

@smallalice: no, too bad they don't serve lechon macau :(

Pam said...

@icesnake - ano ba yung sour? basta yun yung gusto ko sabihin. =D

Stan said...

maasim = sour
mapait = bitter

Pam said...

@Stan ok fine magaling ka na mag Tagalog. ;p

icesnake said...

hinde.. mali.. ang bitter ay mas pinaliit lang na bits.. kaya tinawag na bit-ter...

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