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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom: Oldie but still a Goodie

I haven't been to Enchanted Kingdom since my freshman year in college. Eight years later, not much has changed but one thing's for sure - Enchanted Kingdom can still bring out the kid in all of us.

There aren't many new major rides in Enchanted Kingdom aside from the addition of the Go Kart Race track, 4-D theater and Biki Waterworld. All of which are excluded from the price of the entrance ticket, meaning you need to shell out extra to enjoy these new additions.

The Space Shuttle has been revamped into the Pepsi Max Space Shuttle which aside from bearing the blue and red colors of Pepsi also have more secure seats. I still love the Space Shuttle. Despite the long line for the ride, the sheer thrill of riding on the Space Shuttle for only a few minutes is well worth it.

We catched the last days of Summer on Enchanted Kingdom. The sweltering heat of the afternoon gave way to some rain in the late afternoon. Enchanted Kingdom after the rain is quite awesome because of the cool breeze and glistening streets.

The best time to go to Enchanted Kingdom is in the late afternoon because it's cooler. Going there earlier would mean that that there won't be a lot of people but walking around in the heat can get pretty exhausting. Enchated Kingdom also becomes quite magical when the sun starts to set and the lights are turned on.

Enchated Kingdom may not be anything new, but that becomes part of its charm. To come back to EK (as we called in in college) brings back memories and gives us a chance to make some new ones too.


virgo itinerary said...

di ba may tumirik na ride dati sa enchanted?natatakot tuloy ako sumakay jan but I've heard good reviews naman about enchanted kingdom,except dun sa napabalita before kung sa enchanted nga yun,di ko sure

Leave the Cube said...

yup nabalitaan ko din yan, pero not sure what particular ride was that, pero inayos na nila. nakakatakot un ride, but I was able to try it khit na takot ako sa heights. try mo din, ok sya

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