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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Qoola in Manila!

With the frozen yogurt craze in Manila these past few years, there a new player in town.

Qoola: yogurt + fruit has opened in between Greenbelt 1 and 2 and is hard to miss because of it's cute and colorful signage and spacious location.

Pam says:

To declare that 'Qoola is my new favorite frozen yogurt place in Manila' would probably sum up how much I liked Qoola. Being a big fan of frozen yogurt that's saying a lot. I love the Qoola's yogurt which is not too sweet, not too sour.

The self-service concept is quite helpful too if you want to have full control on how much yogurt you want to eat, how many toppings you want to put on etc and they set the price by the gram. The ambiance is clean, spacious and modern so it's a nice alternative to hangout in from the usual coffee shops. Not too mention, there's free wi-fi!

Stan says:

I would agree that the self-service yogurt is a good idea. This gives you more freedom on how much yogurt you want to put in the container. You can also choose what toppings to add on top.

The area inside is not that big. The ground floor is where you get your yogurt and pay, then the second floor is where you can stay to eat your yogurt. Although the area is not that big, it is very comfortable. All their seats are couches, where you can relax while reading magazines, watching tv, or surfing the internet if you have your own laptop. It's like going to Starbucks with small space, brighter lights, and yogurt as food.

Pam says:
Half regular yogurt and half green tea yogurt with strawberry and mango bits and mochi! Super good and healthy!
They have white chocolate macadamia yogurt too, will probably order that next time.

Stan says:
Though I'm not really a big fan of yogurts, I find this one delicious. Both flavors that we got were awesome and a lot of toppings to choose from. I'm just not sure though if their price is affordable, but they charge by the weight - 75 pesos for every 100 grams.

Overall, we will definitely be going back to Qoola for more.


Jer said...

saan malapit yan? parang wala akong nakita na qoola nung nagpunta ako sa GB

Pam said...

@jer, nasa daan siya from greenbelt 3 papaunta sa greenbelt 2. medyo malapit sa italianni's, bizu, flapjacks.

Anonymous said...

hirap sa mga self-service yogurt places, baka mawalan ng control sa sarili..parang lahat masarap :)

Stan said...

@ajong: kaya dpat magdala ka ng sariling lalagyan mo na maliit lang, para mapuno agad. hehe. try nyo punta ni Lunch dyan, masarap un yogurt nila

Kaitee said...

They offer the best froyo in town!

Stan said...

@kaitee: i would agree with you, but we also found that there are other froyos that tastes good, like red mango and the one in paseo center... i forgot the name. You can try them also

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