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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Boracay: Off-Season Perks

Ah Boracay, arguably the most famous beach destination in the Philippines. Well-known for its fine white sand and clear blue waters and of course, its party scene.There are plenty of things to do in Boracay from water sports (windsurfing, banana boat, fly fish, para sailing), shopping for souvenirs, getting a massage by the beach, eating out, partying or (my personal favorite) simply enjoying the beautiful beach scenery with a Jonah's fruit shake and chilling out to your choice of beach music.

Going to Boracay during the off-season has its upsides and downsides and for those on a budget, Boracay in the off-season, would definitely mean cheaper rates for nearly everything.

  1. Less than perfect summer weather. Occasional rain showers and thunderstorms are to be expected. (Lesser chance of getting a tan!)
Actually, that is the only downside of going to Boracay during the off-peak season!

  1. Cheaper accommodation
  2. Cheaper rates for water activities. Locals are more willing to bring down their prices because there's less demand.
  3. Less crowded. This could be an downer though for those who like to people watch. :p


jeffrey said...

i miss bora! i visit almost every year, but wasn't able to go this time. is it still in good condition? I heard that it's getting polluted

Pam said...

i visited bora before this around 2002 and a lot has changed commercially. environment-wise, i think that it is getting polluted - sand is not as white as it used to be, but it's still a beautiful place. hope we start taking care of it though. :)

jeffrey said...

so it's true. they should improve it if they want more tourist to visit. thanks for this information

icesnake said...

where are the other pics? only 2 pics?

Stan said...

@icesnake: we have also posted other bora pics in the Fishbar and Lemoni article. You can check the nice pics there.

Boracay Hotels said...

Lovely photos, there a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife. Where did you stay in boracay, is it good facilities there??

Tanya Gemarin

Pam said...

Thanks Tanya. :)

We stayed at White Beach de Boracay, Station 1. It is a small and afforable place with basic facilities but it is just a 5 minute walk from the beach.

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