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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cebu: Lighthouse Restaurant

During our first day in Cebu, breakfast was not part of the itinerary so we had to eat our packed lunch at 9:00 in the morning. When lunch time came, we had no food anymore. We weren't able to buy food also because we were on a cruise. So when dinner time came, you can just imagine how hungry we were.

We discovered Lighthouse Restaurant by accident by asking the receptionist where we could find a good nearby seafood restaurant. This is the funny part, when we asked the receptionist from our hotel where Lighthouse Restaurant was, she told us that it was just walking distance. So we walked for a few minutes from the hotel and then there was no sign of Lighthouse anywhere. It was a good thing that we decided to ask for directions from people we passed along the way. Turns out that Lighthouse was not walking distance away, it was a taxi distance away!

I guess 3-4km is still considered as walking distance for Cebuanos.

Outside the Lighthouse Restaurant at night

Photos of the delicious food inside...

A sign showing that they serve the famous lechon de leche.
How can we resist going inside??

We like their slogan especially the eat your hearts out part. =)

Newly cooked lechon de leche of Cebu. Looks very crispy and golden

Stan says: If the phots of the lechon de leche looks very very delicious already, wait 'til you get to taste it. The lechon de leche from Cebu is different from the usual lechon that is being served in Manila. The meat of their lechon is very lean and you won't see much fat. The sauce or dip you see that comes with, you actually don't need it anymore, because it is already very tasty without it.

Pam says: BURP! Only thing I can say is, we should have gotten the half portion instead of the 1/4 one. =)

Waiter chopping the lechon de leche with a plate

Stan says: Amazingly no knife is needed to cut down this lechon de leche into small pieces. The waiter only used a porcelain plate to chop it.

Pam says: The meat is so tender that there's no need for a knife. Originally when the lechon was first brought to us, we thought the plate was for serving but no, it was for chopping!

Whole crab cooked in a mild spicy sauce

Stan says: The crab was delicious as well, though the meat inside was not that much. Those shells had a lot of hallow spaces inside.

Pam says: We ordered buttered crab, but what we got tasted more like sweet chili crab. It was good, but I was expecting something else.

A very cozy and relaxing waiting area of Lighthouse Restaurant

A view of the bar area inside the restaurant

Wide view of the restaurant's interior, with design of sharks hanging from the ceiling

Stan says: Overall, I would say the food was very good and is up to its price. The place itself is very comfortable. Food + ambiance + price = Very Good! This place is worth recommending to other people who will visit Cebu in the future.

Pam says: Two thumbs up from me! Good value for great food and nice place as well.

Lighthouse Restaurant
General Maxilom Ave., Cebu City
(63-32) 78126


yen said...

waaahhh!!!! lalo ako nagutom ... di pa naman ako nakapag-dinner ...

Pam said...

hehehe magdinner ka na yen! masama yung hindi nagddinner. =)

icesnake said...

Macau can't reach Cebu so no lechon Macau? If I may ask, which would you prefer lechon de leche of cebu or your ever so favorite lechon macau lol..

FYI: You have a grammar/word missing error.

"It was a good thing that we decided to for directions from people we passed along the way"

Stan said...

@icesnake: the lechonn de leche from cebu is far much better. If there was lechon cebu served everyday, you won't eat the lechon macau anymore
check the wrong grammar again :)

earathou said...

san ang lighthouse? baka malapit lang yan hehe.

Stan said...

@earth: the resto is in General Maxilom Ave., Cebu City... it is 5 mins away taxi ride from Century Plaza Hotel

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