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Friday, October 01, 2010

LTC Pick for October: Yakimix - Once you pop, you can’t stop

We would like to acknowledge June Cruz for providing us with this Feature Blog of Yakimix. Article was provided by her and photos by Ricka Delfin.

The place was pretty quiet when we came in. We seated ourselves at the table and looked around warily. But quick nod from me and we shot out from our seats, grabbed a plate and went crazy.

And that’s only the start of the Yakimix Experience.

For 580php, you get to eat all you can eat. Add another 65 php and you can drink all you can drink too. The possibilities are endless. On one side of the big table laden with food, you’ll find cooked dishes like noodles, rice, fried chicken, tempura and veggies. At the end of the table, you’ll find the makings of a salad, for the more health conscious types.

The food is genuinely good. I might not be a food connoisseur, but I know good food when I eat it. One particular dish we liked is this one glass noodle dish that we failed to take a picture of. It’s remarkably similar to the Korean noodle dish, Japchae.

On the table opposite, you’ll find an array of maki and sushi, as well as freshly made egg and tuna sashimi. There’s the classic California maki, then a Philadelphia Maki and I think I saw a New York one. Made from fresh ingredients, I can tell.

But the highlight of the trip to Yakimix, for me, is the selection of meats to be grilled. Being a self-professed meat lover, it was pure heaven to pile up my plate with marinated beef, pork, sliced fish and crab sticks. They even had cocktail sized hotdogs which tickled our fancy so much.

One of the neat things they have in the to-be grilled section is these bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms (seen upper left side of photo).

And for the sawsawan-loving Filipino, they have selection of sauces which you can choose from. Or you can do as my friend did and try all of them all at once.

After a couple of hours, we found that we had a wee bit trouble breathing so we took a break from the eating and the talking. So for the next half hour, we concentrated on taking group photos.

However, the inevitable cannot be delayed any longer. I cast a longing look at the far end of the table, where the dessert section is. Without saying a word, we all stood up as one and started in on the ice cream.

There were four available flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mango. But what rocked big time was the selection of toppings. I, of course, loaded my cup with chocolate toppings and gummy bears.

Yep. Gummy bears.

On the other side of the table is an assortment of cakes and sweets. If there’s one thing I don’t like about Yaikimix, it’s these mini-cake slices. They look like tiny slices of various flavored cheesecakes, but they actually taste like foam, so I’m telling you dear Reader, to stay away from these mini-cakes. Better to cut yourself a piece from the big cake and eat that instead of these little suckers.

In summary: What are you still reading here for? Go and get yourself the Yakimix experience! If you can manage to breathe properly after stuffing yourself full of food, do spread the good news to all your friends. \0/


Yakimix Branches :

1. Hobbies of asia, Macapagal Blvd. Pasay city. Tel. No. 3878120 /3878112.

2. G/F SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, Paranaque City Tel. no. 8361535 to 37

3. 270 Tomas Morato Ave., Forum Bldg. Quezon City Tel. No. 3857500.


amaterasu08 said...

Soon to be branches include:

Trinoma and Greenbelt 3 :D

icesnkae said...

where is the group pix? you should have also posted the group pix >_<

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