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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Baguio: The Veranda @ BCC

Baguio during the beginning of the "ber" months is the perfect escape from the hustle of Metro Manila with its cool weather, fragrant pine trees and laid back atmosphere.

The Baguio Country Club is one of those places that has history written all over it. Besides the fact that it was established in 1905 - the old stone flooring, framed b&w pictures and wooden furnishings all come together to render that Old World feel.

One of the places to eat at BCC is what is simply called The Veranda. Located just beside the golf course, the open area gives it a fresh and relaxing ambiance. This is place is perfect for brunch or afternoon coffee with friends and family.

Bread and Butter
BCC has its own bakeshop so expect freshly baked bread to be served.
My only complaint would be it wasn't served warm, but it's complimentary so I guess that's OK.

Mushroom Soup
Not bad, but nothing special either.
A bowl of warm soup goes well with the cool weather though.

Mediterranean Salad
I admit it, I love salads - not just for health reasons, but I honestly like the taste (yes, really!).
Now this salad had all the right ingredients - fresh greens, juicy tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, it would have been very good if not for the dressing which had a taste that was too overpowering, not to mention there was too much of it on the salad.

*Mental note - ask the server to put dressing on the side.

Lamb Kaldereta
A Filipino staple, but cooked with lamb. This one was yummy.
Sometimes it's regular food updated with a twist that makes people take note.

Salmon Steak
Good, but would have been better with rice I think.

Seafood in a Basket
One of the chef's specials.
Presentation was cute with fried crusted seafood (prawns, shrimp and fish) in a basket made of potato sticks. Taste-wise it was just normal, the seafood was a bit bland. It would have been better to put some spices in the breading.

Overall, the place is nice and relaxing much of which is because of the fresh air and cool Baguio weather, but some of the food are quite ordinary - which is not a bad thing, but not entirely a good thing either.

Stay tuned
for our next entries on Baguio in the coming weeks. =)


Baguio Country Club
Country Club Road, Baguio City
Tel: (63-74) 619-2050 to 64
Fax: (63-74) 442-6501 or 442-7674


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