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Sunday, April 17, 2011

8065 Bagnet

I don't know when it actually started, but it seems to me that more and more are serving the ilocos bagnet. I was brought by my friends to one bagnet place called "8065". What an unusual name for a restaurant, that's what I thought.  But the taste of their bagnet was terrific.  Although place is quite hard to look for because it's located in the inner streets of Makati, it is worth the find.

We went there via taxi and didn't know where the exact location was.  Thanks to GPS technology, we somehow arrived at the area.  Given that 8065 is in the inner streets, expect less taxi or other modes of transportation passing by.  If you will get a ride after you eat, you will either need to wait a little longer than usual, or you can walk until the end of the intersection of the other street.

The restaurant is air-conditioned and has free use of wifi.  There were a lot of people eating inside when we arrived, which forced us to eat in the area outside that only had an electric fan.  Good thing that weather then was still tolerable.

We order bagnet cooked in different styles.  I don't know if I was just so hungry, but all the different bagnets were delicious!  Just bear with the pictures because they were just taken using a camera-phone.

Sisig Bagnet

Kare Kare Bagnet

Original Bagnet

The estimated budget per person is around 150-200 pesos.  Very much affordable and very much recommended!  I would love to go back to 8065 Bagnet!  And upon seeing their address, now I know why it is called 8065 Bagnet.

8065 Bagnet

8065 Estrella Street, San Antonio Village
Makati City


Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! very reasonable ang price... i'll drop by one of these days... thank u for sharing...

yen said...

pictures pa lang parang maha-high blood na ko eh ... hehehe.

sometimes KIM and sometimes MJ said...

Nakakagutom! And to think I just had lunch!:-)

Leave the Cube said...

@yen: oo malakas sa high blood yan, kaya dpat pa minsan minsan lang ang kain ng bagnet. hehe

@pinoy adventurista: yup try mo, masarap talaga, wag lang masyadong marami. tulad ng comment ni Yen, nakaka high blood yan.

@Kim and MJ: picture pa lang yan. pano kaya pag makita mo na sa totoo... haha

killerfillers said...

stan balik ulit tayo..1 month na nakakalipas. Di ba usapan bago magpunta ng SG, bibisita ulit tayo.:p

Leave the Cube said...

@killerfillers: tagal na nga e, pero nagpipigil ako. cguro mga onc ein every 2 months lang para iwas mantika

Anonymous said...

Anong mas masarap, Stoops or 8605 Bagnet?

Leave the Cube said...

para sakin mas masarap sa 8065. Tsaka un sa Stoops parang masyado malalaki un hiwa ng mga bagnet nila

iCeSnake said...

Bagnet sama ko!! baket wala ung dinuguan bagnet?? ano mas masarap? Lechon macau ng henlin o bagnet?

Leave the Cube said...

@icesnake: syempre mas masarap bagnet, pero mas mamantika din

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Gusto kong kumain jan!! Ma-hunting nga!

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