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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Calaguas Islands - jump in!

Escape the stressful city life by just spending a weekend in paradise.  This paradise can be found at the northernmost part of Bicol.  It’s still virgin, unspoiled, serene, white sand – Calaguas Islands.
The 9 hours land travel + 2 hours boat ride will all be worth it!

Food prepared by Executive Chefs during February 2011 trip

Activities include Fire Dancing, Culinary 101, Photography 101, Pictorial, Skim boarding, Face Painting, Wine Mixing, etc.

Scheduled Trip:
April 16-17
April 21-23
May 21-22 (Trip for a Cause)
         – Medical Mission, Feeding Program, Literacy Campaign
         – Donations in cash or in kind are appreciated.  Below is a list of essentials.
-          Basic medicines
-          Clothing
-          Food Stuff
-          School Supplies
-          pencils
-          pad paper
-          notebook
                        -             crayon

For reservations, contact Zaide Uy > / +63 919 895 0016
For your questions about the tour, you can post your questions in the comments area.


Pinoy Adventurista said...

isa yan sa mga pangarap ko... Calaguas... soon! hehehe! =D

theworldismyoyster said...

Holy week...can't wait...thanks for the post. Ang haba ng travel ha! =)

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

Thanks for the post. I am traveling to Bicol to bring my grand ma home. We'll leave on April 18 and can stay there until Holy Week. I wanted to be able to join on the April 21-23 trip so I need information on IT and rates. Thanks

Zaide Uy said...

@Pinoy Adventurista - do let us know if you would like to join any of our scheduled trips.

@theworldismyoyster - yep! 3d2n in the island of calaguas is truly a relaxation :)

@Mhe-anne Ojeda - can you send me an email at so I can send you the details. Thanks! :)

Leave the Cube said...

@mhe-anne ojeda: Zaide, will provide the details that you need. She is the one taking care of the tour.

@pinoy adventurista: sana makapunta ka soon. hehe. baka puede ka din sumama kay zaide sa mga future tours nya.

@theworldismyoyster: ako din excited na sa holy week!

lakwatsera de Primera said...

Ang saya ng Calaguas trip nyo, with Chef pa, my trip last week was an epic DIY trip pero worth it naman nung nakita ko na ang Calaguas :)

killerfillers said...

Parang gusto ko ulit bumalik ng Calaguas "The Happy Beach".Include nyo na rin ung Apuao Grande Island Tour and Bagasbas para sulit na sulit ang trip:)

Zaide Uy said...

@lakwatsera de Primera...yep tama ka dyan! gourmet food by the beach ang drama masaya diba? :) join ka sometime. Moreover, there are activities as well such as -fire dancing, skimboarding, culinary 101, photography 101, pictorial etc. :)

@killerfillers...go balik na habang summer pa! :)

Zaide Uy said...

Thanks Ms Mhe-anne for joining the trip and meeting you :)

Zaide Uy said...

Hello everyone!

Upcoming schedules:
June 11-12
June 18-19
June 18-20
June 25-26

We can still catch the summer heat and enjoy the virgin beach of Calaguas! Let's Go!

Zaide Uy said...

Upcoming schedule for calaguas:
August 6-7
August 27-29

melvin said...

may araw din sa akin ang calaguas! its boracay without the crowd

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