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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Café 1771: A Touch of Whimsy

A few years back Chateau 1771 in El Pueblo Ortigas closed shop. News of this left me bewildered and saddened at the same time as my family has celebrated a number of special occassions at Chateau and we've always been satisfied with the food they served. 

Little did I know that a younger, less stuffy reincarnation of Chateau was in the works and that is Café 1771. Café has a different look and a somewhat different menu (some of our favorites from Chateau are still available), but the experience was less like meeting someone for the first time and more like seeing a close balikbayan friend who has lived abroad for some time and has finally come home.

In their Facebook page, Café 1771 describes itself as full-serviced modern cafe with four different dining exeriences:
1) The Lounge
2) The Whimsy
3) Winebar
4) Sidebar 

We didn't have much choice of which dining experience we would get to try as most of the tables were already reserved even before we booked our reservation. So we ended up with The Whimsy, which was very cute and feminine with its baby blues, bright pink patterns and white porcelain decorative plates. It's a very distinctive ambiance, one that I enjoyed - but only in moderate portions.
Enough about the place, let's move on to the food!

Prosciutto and Salami Antipasto
 Please excuse the fork in the picture, we were starving and it took a great deal of patience on my siblings' part to not get the food the moment it was placed on the table and allow me to get some semi-decent food shots. 

 Organic Chicken in Potato Crust
This has to be pre-ordered. Highly-recommended by one of our family friends, but just okay for me.

 Lamb Shoulder Chops
Really good, I love the sauce, the beans, the tender lamb. My kind of comfort food.

 Lacquered Salmon
Might have been just another grilled salmon dish, but the sauce just added the right amount of oomph to set it apart and make it gooooood.

Hand-made Ravioli
 Okay, but nothing to write home about.

Classic Creme Brulee
Delicious and not too sweet, but meant to be shared. Couldn't finish my bowl of this!

Chateau 1771 was one one of our go-to restaurants where we know that we will experience quality food and service. I can see that Café 1771 will be pretty much the same in our books, will definitely be going back to Café 1771 to try out the other dining experiences.


Café 1771 
El Pueblo Real de Manila
Ortigas Center
Julia Vargas cor. ADB Ave., Ortigas Center
Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines


jusap said...

good find! I work near the place. might drop by soon :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

everything looks delicious, wanna try their salmon sometime,

Stan said...

the food looks very very delicious. i want to try it sometime also!

Pam said...

@jusap - go! suggest you get a reservation first though. =) didn't you use to work in makati?

@claire - yes i highly recomment this resto. =)

@stan - sige date tayo dyan. =p

Cafe 1771 said...

Thank you for the feature! Wonderful perspective.... You guys really understood our concept! Hope to see you guys soon.


Pam said...

Thanks for commenting Cafe 1771! We're big fans of your restaurant and have recommended it to friends :)

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