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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taiwan: YehLiu Geopark

In the past, there was only water.  Today, we have the YehLiu Geopark in Taipei.

This geopark surfaced after the water went down.  This was formed due to geological forces that moved the Datum Mountain out of the sea.  Rock formations appeared and people saw different shapes in them.  This is now being preserved by the GuanyinshanNational Scenic Area Administration, and was already turned into a tourist spot.

When we went there it was raining hard and the wind was breezing strongly.  But it didn't stop us from walking past the ground full of soil.  Who would let the bad weather stop them from seeing these wonderful formations.  The most famous rock formation there is the Queen's Head.

Queen's Head

A lot of other rock formations can be found inside as you walk farther.  Another interesting formation is the shape of an elephant, cow, and cat beside each other.  The rightmost is the elephant.  On its left is the cow.  On the left of the cow, is the cat.  Although the shape of the cat had some damages already.

Elephant, cow, and cat (from right to left)

The one below is shaped like the map of Taiwan.  Try looking at the map =)

Map of Taiwan

Mushrooms! I love eating mushrooms.  It makes me hungry just by seeing those rock mushrooms.  Caution needs to be properly observed when walking around those mushrooms.  The mud made it slippery.

A Lot of Mushrooms 

Below is a shape of a temple.  Though, the picture isn't that clear since it was taken from a very far distance and with distractions from the rain and wind.  If only it was real, I think it would be cool to pray in the middle of nowhere.

Temple on the Middle of the Sea

For someone who is fond of seeing natural rock formations, this is the place to go!

There were still a lot of other rock shapes but I didn't get to take photos of them, so I just took shots of the pictures posted in the Geopark.  You can view the slideshow for all the other formations.  Enjoy!


lakwatsera de primera said...

very interesting rock formations, especially the queen's head and the elephant :)

yen said...

paano pumunta dito? malayo ba siya sa city center?

something to consider on our Taiwan trip on Aug. :D

Stan said...

@lakwatsera: i like them too, especially un elephant. ang galing ng formation noh :)

@yen: considered pa rin yata sya sa city e, kc malapit lang sya. cguro u can spend abouta an hour or hour and a half inside.

Uban Putih said...

Hi, nice blog. Welcome to visit for us to share knowledge

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

uy puwede toh ha! nice ang rock formations and very interesting kung pano naging ganito! hope i could go to Taiwan soon, will go back to this post once everything's set already.

Stan said...

@Pinoy Boy Journals: hope that you get to see them in real form. they're really awesome. You're welcome to keep coming back to our blogsite =)

@Uban Putih: thanks. Yes, We'll visit your site once in a while

Ed said...

i'm speechless of these rock formations! galeng talaga. thanks for sharing these, Stan! makes me want to go to Taiwan kahit ito lang yung IT ko. haha. I'll visit this site once I have a ticket na!

Leave the Cube said...

@ed: ok nga yan yehliu geopark. may mga museums din sila dun. puede mo isama sa IT mo para di sayang punta mo. hehe

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