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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tagaytay: Mr. Moo's Fresh Milk and Kesong Puti

Driving from Batangas to Tagaytay, we would often pass by Mr Moo's large bright pink and black sign selling fresh milk and kesong puti (white cheese). It was only after aunt's recommendation that we finally decided to stop and give it a try. After a sip of Mr. Moo's fresh milk, I was mighty glad that we got out of the car.


Mr. Moo's offers a variety products from flavored milk to different types of cheese (feta, ricotta etc.) to organic dips.
Some of their other products we tried was their kesong puti which was really good! Very smooth and fresh.

Their pastillas is also yummy. It was not coated in sugar as with most pastillas, but it's still sweet.

Not to be out shined is their fresh milk, they have cow, carabao and goat's milk. We got their low fat, carabao's milk and I have to say that this is one of the creamiest, freshest, best-tasting milk I've ever tried. (The number of superlatives I used should properly convey just how much I loved their milk!). 

Mr. Moo's milk has a shelf life of 7 days and should be refrigerated to avoid spoilage.

Milk that's delicious and healthy! Although I'm wondering why there's Ash in the nutrients..

Keep an eye out for Mr. Moo's sign when on the road in Tagaytay, their milk is truly worth the side trip.


Anonymous said...

ano tong milk fresh bana walang halo na kahit anong preservatives at mabilis ba ito masira?

Pam said...

yep, walang preservatives at dahil wala siyang preservatives, mabilis siya masira. :)

noe said...

amount of minerals daw ang ash :)

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