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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Peking Garden: A Chinese New Year Celebration

It's a Chinese belief during CNY to eat a lot your favorite food so that good luck and abundance will follow throughout the year. Keeping with this tradition, our family decided to eat at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Manila  - Peking Garden.


Naturally, we ordered Peking Duck. At Peking Garden, the roast duck is prepared right beside your table. The duck is served 3-ways. First, it is thinly sliced and artfully arranged on a plate.

This is my personal favorite - duck with scallions and sauce wrapped in lumpia wrapper. What I love about Peking Garden's duck is that it is lean and meaty and not as oily as other roast ducks.

The second way is the minced duck on cabbage leaf. The savory flavor of the duck goes well with the fresh, crunchy cabbage leaf.

The third way for the duck is duck with lettuce in broth. Not a big fan of this style of duck hence, no picture. ;p

The shrimp dumplings (hacao) are delicious. They didn't scrimp on the shrimp stuffing and the wrap is well-cooked.

Hand-pulled noodles are tasty, but nothing out of the ordinary fare. Noodles are a staple during Chinese celebrations as the long noodles symbolize long life.

Hot prawn salad is another winner for us. The prawns were huge and weren't drowning in the cream.

Give Peking Garden a try if you're up for some good Hong Kong style Chinese food. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand as the place gets pretty crowded. 

From us here at LTC, we wish you a (belated) happy Chinese new year and good health and more fortune in the year of the rabbit! Gong xi fa cai!

Peking Garden

3rd level TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Ave.,
Quezon City
901-0502 or 901-0507

4th level Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila


jusap said...

hot prawn salad FTW! after some years, I was able to taste them again a couple of week back!

it's 12AM and I'm hungry. :P

Pam said...

@jusap - i know! it's a favorite of our too! try mo yung sa peking garden, the best talaga :D

lakwatsera de primera said...

yum, peking duck is divine, I can eat this everyday If I could have it for free :)

Bonzenti [Con Tour] said...

Peking duck is also great. tunay yan ha, hindi peke. (just joking.) I appreciate your post on this in celebration of chinese new year.

kan sien tz pei!!

Leave the Cube said...

@lakwatsera: libre mo nman kmi pagkakain ka, para sama din kmi. hehe

@bonzenti: oo tunay yan. try mo din minsan. sobrang sarap nyan

Chyng said...

wow, promising ang place! not a fan og chinese food pero natakam ako dito! ^_^

Pam said...

@chyng - try mo, one of the best chinese places in manila talaga =)

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