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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taiwan: Martyr's Shrine

Part of our trip to Taipei was the Martyr's Shrine.  When we went there, I honestly didn't have an idea what we are to see there.  Since it's called Martyr's Shrine, it came to my mind that there will be statues of the martyr's considered by Taiwan.  I imagined the statues to made of either stone or steel with layer of gold color.

But nothing like that was in the place.  Totally different from what I was expecting.  We went in the gates and saw a lot of people standing around.  So, why were they standing around???  They were waiting for the guards.  Then I realized that's what we came to see.  We woke up early to see the changing of the guards in the Martyr's Shrine.  It might be silly to believe that people wake up early and wait just to see the changing of guards, but seldom do you see something like that.  They had a very disciplined formation!

New guards coming as replacements

The remaining photos of how the new guards took their position are showed below.

New guards taking the post

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yen said...

may changing of the guards din dun sa isang temple sa korea. dun naman, ang suot nila ung old style na uniform ng guards. ung parang suot ng mga hapon nung unang panahon. :D

Pam said...

@yen - sana makita ko rin yan... soon! ;)

lakwatsera de primera said...

I think this is one of their popular attractions there, their version of changing guards at the Buckingham Palace :)

Leave the Cube said...

@lakwatsera: so that's where they got it. i haven't seen the version of the Buckingham. Thanks for the info :)

Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog] said...

Mga babae pala ang mga ito. Akala ko mga b____g. Silent Drill ba to?

Leave the Cube said...

@bonzenti: mga lalaki lahat yan. hehe.

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