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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Palawan: Ka Lui Restaurant

Upon reaching Palawan, the first thing that we asked our receptionist was if she could recommend a good seafood restaurant, without hesitation the place she mentioned was "Ka Lui". Just few kilometers away from the Puerto Princesa airport, Ka Lui is a native house which has been transformed into a homey, artsy restaurant that is uniquely Filipino.


Guests must leave their shoes in the entryway upon entering and go barefoot in the restaurant. Not to worry, the bamboo flooring is clean and not dusty.

Because of it's popularity, guests must have a reservation before going to Ka Lui. Based on experience, it's better to make a reservation early because there are times when Ka Lui no longer accepts reservations because the place is already fully booked.

It's the playful touches in the decor that makes Ka Lui stand out amongst the other restaurants in Palawan. The decor is a showcase of Filipino artistry from paintings from local Palawan artists to sculptures to wall decor which uses natural material from the island.

Guests have the option to use chairs or to sit on mats on the floor - the traditional way. We decided to try the mats. Didn't get a chance to take a picture of this though.

Fresh Dalandan Juice

Garlic Butter Prawns
Cute presentation of alternating shades of pink for the prawns but other than that, just so-so.

Seafood Cordon Bleu

Tuna Steak

Free dessert of fresh fruits topped with moscovado sugar and syrup. Yum! This was the best part of the meal for me. The other food we ordered were just so-so, maybe we ordered the wrong things.

Interestingly, Ka Lui often changes its menu according to the catch of the day so there's always different food to choose from.

Ka Lui Restaurant   
369 Rizal Avenue
Puerto Princesa, Philippines
(048) 433-2580


lakwatsera de primera said...

nice place, I really like artsy place like this, parang Balay Tubai in El Nido or Oh My Gulay in Baguio, fresh pa ang food, I'll check this out before I go to El Nido this year :)

Jacky said...

i have to agree that the ambiance at ka lui was really nice..but as to the food, your review was spot-on and if i had been asked what i thought that time, i would have said the exact same thing--the food was just so-so, but the best part of the meal was the dessert..after paying the rather pricey bill, i would have to say that overall, i was a tad disappointed with the place..

Pam said...

@claire - we haven't tried the restos you mentioned, hope we get to try them out soon! mahilig rin ako sa mga artsy places =) enjoy your trip to el nido!

@jacky - i thought i was the only one who was a bit disappointed since this is one of the most hyped restos in palawan. maybe ka lui can redeem itself on a 2nd visit. =)

vanyei said...

we loved the stingray in coconut milk and sashimi salad when we went there :)

kill3rfill3r said...

sulit ba talaga dito Spam?:) dito Valentines dinner ng BRF after ng El Nido

Stan said...

@vanyei: too bad, we didn't get to try that. we could have appreciated ka lui more if we had tried that.

@kill3rfill3r: para sa amin, di masyado sulit kc di kmi masyadong satisfied sa food, considering un price nya

evane said...

nice place...

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

keep on featuring cool places to eat! It's very informative. thanks for the heads up!

journeyingjames said...

for a local like me, its overrated.haha
pero masarap yung mango-ginger shake nila dyan.
i always eat at balinsasayaw restaurant while in puerto. mura at masabor. :)

Ed said...

nakakauhaw ng dalandan Juice. thanks for featuring places like these! usually i go for the cheapest place but once in awhile, I don't mind spending for food for food that's well-spent :D

Stan said...

@evane: thanks :)

@PinoyBoyJournals: thanks. yes, we will continue posting more food blogs

@JourneyingJames: yup, na-try din nmin un balinsasayaw, pero simple order lang un kinain nmin kc nagmamadali kmi nun. next time pag bumalik kmi dyan, try nmin ulit sa balinsasayaw

@Ed: we recommend you to try Kinabutch. The food there is very good. We liked it more there than Ka Lui

Micamyx said...

I miss Puerto Princesa and its restaurants! Panalo 'tong Ka Lui. I feel so bloated after namin kumain dati. Hindi ko pa pala nasusulat yun :P

Seafood and Veggie overload ftw :D

Ada said...

Kagagaling ko lang Puerto Princesa. Nag-iba na Ka Lui, parang hindi ganun ka sarap yung timpla ng food. We ordered Sting ray in coco cream dati and super sarap, same goes with their bagoong. But nung kumain ulet kami, yung hinahanap kong timpla ay nawala. But Ka Lui is still a legendary place in PP. May nadiscover akong new restaurant in PP, it's the La Terrasse Restaurant omg the best!!

Pam said...

@ada - di namin natry yung La Terrasse Restaurant. saan banda yun? malapit rin ba sa Kalui? =)

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