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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kota Kinabalu: Poring Hot Spring

After having already spent 2 days in Kota Kinabalu, we wanted to spend sometime to relax and just enjoy the day.  We wanted to take a dip in the hot springs in Poring, like our prize after getting ourselves tired walking in the heat of the sun.  We took a van going there which was part of the tour that we got.

The place inside was big since it was not just the hot springs.  They also had other things like the Canopy Walk, Butterfly Gardens, Bat Cave, and other more.  We only had time to cross the Canopy Walk and try the Hot Springs and didn't get the chance to explore the whole area anymore.

On our way to the Canpy Walk, we stopped by to take some pictures on the water stream.  From my guess, I think the water flows continuously until it reaches the waterfalls.

It was just a little more walk before we reached the start point of the Canopy Walk.  Initially, I was thinking that we will just cross 1 long bridge to get to the end point, but it turned out to be 6 bridges.  Each bridge is tied to 2 trees - the starting and the ending.

The pathway was narrow, but it wasn't scary at all.  The bridge was not shaky.  There was a limit of 4 people crossing at a time.  Some had to wait for the other to step to the end of the bridge before starting to cross.

After reaching the end of the Canopy Walk, we had to walk our way down the stairs to get to the hot springs.  We were excited to dip in and relax for a while.  On our way down, I saw some ants on their way down as well... hmmm... maybe they are also running down to dip in the hot springs... haha.  In their case, they would be swimming.

Finally, we reached the what we were looking forward for the day.  From a far, we already saw the numerous hot springs.  The hot springs in Poring weren't like hot springs in other countries were there are already smoking hot water.  Here, you need to fill up the tub by yourself.

The tubs were kind of used and old already but they were just fine.  After walking in the hot sun, you wouldn't mind it, as long as it's not dirty. 

In each tub, there are 2 faucets.  The left one produces very hot, while the right one produces cold water.  The only problem is that it takes time to fill up the whole tub.  That is the disadvantage of needing to do it yourself.

We weren't able to fill up the whole tub, so we ended up just dipping our feet.  It still felt good being able to remove some feet stress.  But if you have not gone to other hot springs, like in China, then I think this will be okay.

They also had bathtubs which were consumed mostly by kids.  For the bathtubs, luckily it already had water prepared.  If not, it make take the whole day to fill it.

Overall, the place was nice, as long as you don't have high expectations.


yen said...

unfortunately, i had high expectations! hahaha.

Mhe-anne Ojeda said...

yea i was expecting so much because of the hype created by KK's tourists flyers so was so disappointed to see a hot spring like i am showering at home or at a hotel.Filipino travelers i met at the airport call it boring hot spring haha.

Leave the Cube said...

@yen: ako din kala ko un hotspring nila ay parang un sa beijing na napuntahan ko na sobrang ganda at iba ibang klaseng hotspring - may milk, lemon, etc.

@mhe-anne: yup, i also think that it was over hyped. tuloy masyadong nagexpect mga tao. pero oks lang yan, experience na din

lakwatsera de primera said...

I admire the well-setup tourism campaign in KK. Some of their natural attractions aren't that spectacular but they were able to market them well and the facilities are quite good. Sana tayo din, mas maganda pa nga karamihan sa mga natural attractions natin di ba :)

rome said...

I love your blog, my short stay is fun – will hop over again and browse slowly… I’ve linked you in my blogroll. Gest to Utopia

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Laughing at Ate Mhe-Anne's "boring hot spring"... cause it is indeed. Even the Asin Hot Springs in Tuba, Benguet which I just recently wrote about is uhm, prettier.

RON & MONETTE said...

we missed this place... after our kinabalu climb, hindi na kinaya ng powers

Leave the Cube said...

@lakwatsera: yup, maganda ang pagkaka market ng kota. di ko alam kng kailangan pa maguumpisa ang phils

@rome: thanks. we'll put u in our blogroll as well

@pinay junkie: i'll surely check out your post on Asin Hot Springs

@ron&junkie: baka tamarin ka din sa paghintay mapuno ng tubig un tub. hehe

Pinoy Adventurista said...

nakaka-aliw yung hot spring... yun na ba yun? hehehe!

Leave the Cube said...

@pinay adventurista: yup, yan na un hotspring nila =)

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