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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

It was year 2008 when I last visited Singapore before this 2011. During that time Marina Bay Sands was just in the mid of cimpletion, but I already saw 3 buildings being constructed. I never got close to it, and only saw it from a far on my way to the airport.

Two years later, there it is. Marina Bay Sands was completed.

In our latest trip, we visited Marina Bay twice. The first was during the night and the second one was in the afternoon. The pictures taken during the night didn't look so clear, so we wanted to get another shot at it.

We had a hard time looking for the right spot to fit both Marina Bay Sands and the Art and Science Museum in one photo.  Because of its very big size, we needed to go very far.  I took this shot from the 3rd viewing deck of the Double Helix Bridge.  3rd one coming from the Marina Bay side.

Inside that building, they have the shopping mall, casino, and a giant funnel-like glass where the water from outside drops to a canal inside the building.  This canal allows the visitors to have the gondola ride from one end of the Marina Bay mall to the other end.  The shops inside are composed mostly of known brands, such as Chanel, Ferragamo, Hermes, and many more.

We never got the chance to see the casino, but I heard that it was big and had around 1,000 gaming tables and more than 1,000 slot machines.

Below is a photo showing a closer view of the Marina Bay Sands alone.

We also didn't get to see the much talked about Infinity Pool.  We didn't go to the top most floor anymore because some of our friends told us that the fee of getting up there was not worth it since they will not allow us to go to the side where the Infinity Pool is.  Only guests of the hotel can go to the Infinity Pool.  I think the fee is worth SGD 30.

The trip going to Marina Bay was easy.  You just needs to ride the MRT and go down at the Marina Bay station, then take bus 171.  This bus will take your straight to Marina Bay Sands.

Another view of the Marina Bay Sands from the side.



Aleah said...

I'm going to SG in October for the first time. I hope I'll have the time to see this. Seems pretty nice; I also take pictures of unique buildings in my travels.

Leave the Cube said...

Aleah, if you're fond of building and other structures, i think you'll love this. We weren't able to take pictures of the big glass funnel inside Marina Bay, but it was also very nice.

Good luck in your trip!

evane said...

looking forward for your Korea pics

morion said...

love this place,,, sarap bumalik sa SG!

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

bitter ako kase d ko yan nakita last time. hehe gusto ko sana ng night shot

Nonoy said...

So beautiful; the view looks like a long boat carried by three towers. I'ts a masterpiece. Wish I can get to Singapore someday.

Lovely blog and great post. :-)

Leave the Cube said...

@evane: korea posts are coming soon :)

@morion: we want to go back also and see the casino inside, and take pictures of the big water funnel

@pinaysolobackpacker: actually, we have some night shots but they were blur so we didn't post it anymore

@nonoy: the imagination of the creator of this building is magnificent.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

This structure is actually quite attractive to me, compared to other megastructures. Hope I could visit in someday, I'm really interested with that glass funnel you mentioned.

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