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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Singapore: Double Helix Bridge

While walking in the paths outside the Marina Bay Sands, you will see a wonderful view of the Esplanade on the other side of the waters.  But as we walked further to the Marina Bay Art & Science Museum, we glazed upon the famous and first-ever "Double Helix Bridge" in the world. 
When we were still in the Philippines planning for the places we will visit, I did see this in the internet.  I wanted to include this in our itinerary but thought that we won't have time anymore considering already a full schedule.  I didn't gave time to research on the double helix bridge anymore.  Good thing that I was able to read about this.  If not, we might not know it was already the famous bridge even if it was in front of us.

The Helix Bridge measures 280 meters long, which is the longest in Singapore and also the world's first curved bridge.  It links the Marina Bay to the Marina Center.  The design was resembled to the DNA structure.  It symbolizes four aspects of life - life and continuity, renewal, everlasting abundance, and growth.  It was also inspired by the yin yang concept, that is believed to bring wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

The view from a far shows the Helix Bridge behind the trees.  The whole bridge would connect the three waterfront gardens located in Marina South, Marina East, and Marine Center.  They provided some kind extension in the middle part of the bridge where you can just sit down and enjoy the view or take pictures.  One of those extensions gave us the chance to capture the Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Art & Science Museum in one photo.

I was very happy when I was able to get both the Marina Bay and the Art & Science Museum in one photo because given the large ground space it occupied, I needed to be very very far to capture them successfully.

From this closer view, we can see behind it the Singapore Flyer.  At the end of the bridge, it will just be a short walk before you reach the Singapore Flyer.  The creation of the Double Helix Bridge has given more comfort in going from one end to the other.

This was the last place we visited in our trip and it felt more complete seeing this.  And the best thing is... it doesn't need any fee!


lakwatsera de primera said...

Cool bridge! it would make a good subject for patterns and line

killerfillers said...

Stan mas maganda sa gabi to!:p eto aksidente lang namin nakita ni jerome last week..wala rin kaplano-plano.

Leave the Cube said...

@killerfillers: sayang di kmi umabot ng gabi =( nakita ko un pics sa net, maganda nga un mga lights =)

@lakwatsera: thanks for the tip =)

Pinoy Adventurista said...

nice nga cguro kung sa gabi with bright lights illuminating the bridge... :)

RON | said...

hey, next time ur in SG paramdam kayo... food trip tayo sa hawkers

Leave the Cube said...

@Ron: sayang di nmin alam na nasa SG ka pala. next time na pupunta kmi, sbihan kita. thanks =)

Anonymous said...

interesting bridge.. sana mga bridges natin dito sa Pinas pag-isipan din para naman architectural landmark like this one.

tina said...

Because of this lalo ko gusto pumunta sa SG :D

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