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Monday, June 06, 2011

South Korea: Cherry Blossoms at the Hangang River

Cherry blossoms appear only for a few weeks during the cusp of spring and summer in Korea. They may blossom only for a short while, but when they do appear, these tiny baby pink flowers are spectacular (especially for first time viewers like me.)

One of the best places to view cherry blossoms is at the Hangang Riverside Park. Coming out of the subway station, we were greeted with a tree-lined path filled with cherry blossoms in full bloom. Just ignore the crowd of tourists and you'll feel like part of a Korean drama. ;)


With the perfect spring weather, it was a nice day to go outside and just enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze. 

Whether it's having a picnic by the river, 
or going for a tandem bike ride,  

or just being emo,

the Hanggang Riverside park, with its multitude of food vendors, restaurants and cafes, is a great place to be on a nice spring day. 



RON | said...

the row of cherry blossoms and the cotton candy shot looks so whimsical! NICE! i want to go there too!

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Shots are pretty in pink! I so hope next year we'd be able to visit Korea just to see Cherry Blossoms bloom!

Pam said...

@ron - cotton candy matched the flowers perfectly noh? :)

@pinay travel junkie - good luck! try to go there mid april - mid may. :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

I would like to experience winter in Korea one day, that's from watching too much Korean soap opera ;)

Pam said...

@lakwatsera - me too! hopefully i'll get to experience winter in Korea. SNOW! :D

Anonymous said...

Pretty in pink. A once in a lifetime experience.

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